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Crow the Courageous - More than just a Story - A book that helps children understand the relationship between fear and courage.


This story introduces you to Crow, a bird of flight that chooses not to fly out of fear. He makes friends with other birds that can not fly. They enjoy each other's company, but are looked down upon by the other farm animals because of their limitations. One day a storm traps the farm animals in a barn. All except for Crow and his friends, as they had been excluded and were playing in a different field... Enjoy the adventure of Crow and his farm friends as they turn this unfortunate situation into an opportunity to overcome their fears and save the day, despite their limitations.


Upon completion, the reader should better understand the relationship between fear and courage while respecting the power of teamwork, non-quitting spirit, and being proud to be themselves. A fun story in a relatable setting that will have your child excited to see what is on the next page An excellent message that highlights that having fear is part of life, and that what we do with that fear when facing challenges is what matters most. 


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E-BOOK: Crow the Courageous

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