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Crow the Courageous: Badge of Courage Game

Crow the Courageous: Badge of Courage Game



 A cooperative companion game that complements the messages present in the Crow the Courageous book. 1-4 players will work to overcome challenges and save their friends. This game uses basic strategy and supportive gameplay elements to teach young players how to not give up, problem solve, work as a team, and use basic math, matching, & memory skills. All while having great family fun!


Gameplay Summary:

Become one of Crow's friends; Chicken, Rooster, Duck, or Ostrich. You begin at the barn where the animals are trapped and must travel across a field of challenges. You will take turns uncovering these numbered challenges and have to use a combination of dice rolls and resource cards to add up enough points to pass the obstacle.  The team continues this process until they reach the farmhouse to collect the water card to put out the fire at the barn. Once you collect this card you have to travel back to the barn avoiding the uncovered challenges and trying not to find new ones. After you reach the barn, you will attempt to complete the final challenge that will get harder the longer it takes you to achieve your goal. But don't give up! The core version of the game promotes teamwork and has no lose condition (alternate gameplay modes are available if you wish to increase the difficulty for older players).

Overall, your family will face their challenges, use their resources,  and work together to have a fun fast-paced game that will make you feel like you are even more of a part of the story!   

  • Halfsies Dice

    Halfsies Dice are the original layered dice!  Featuring a unique half-&-half color arrangement, a semi-translucent nature, a pearlescent swirl within each color, and a smooth blend where the two colors meet. When viewed from the top they appear to be 1 color, when viewed from the bottom they appear to be an entirely different color, but when viewed from the side they appear to be 2 stunning layers of beautiful color!  Nothing beats the functionality of a Halfsies Die!


    Due to the unique layering process Gate Keeper Games & Dice invented in 2013 for Halfsies Dice,  air-bubbles are prevented from forming inside, and the high quality resin used, not acrylic!, make Gate Keeper Games dice the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced resin dice on the planet!


    Crow the Courageous: Badge of Courage features 2 popular designs and colors:


    • D20 "Phoenix Dice" have a FIERY ORANGE & YELLOW W/ BLACK ASH NUMBERS

    There are too many different types of amazing dice collections and unique variations to list them all here. Go to for more information.

  • Badge of Courage: Coin of Courage

    We are very excited about this item. It embraces two important elements of the Crow the Courageous campaign:

    1) The "Badge of Courage": A symbol of reward that provides the player positive reinforcement for trying their best and working to achieve their goal. 

    2) This plastic Coin of Courage features the Badge of Courage symbol  surrounded by the messages "I am Courageous" and "The Power is in You". 

         - The intent of this item is to allow your child an opportunity to keep this coin in their pocket as a reminder that if they believe in themselves that they are capable of achieving great things... "If you're afraid to join, remember the coin!"  

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