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This story has been designed to live on beyond the pages of the book. 

When Crow's story ends, yours begins... 


This story introduces you to Crow, a bird of flight that chooses not to fly out of fear. He makes friends with other birds that can not fly. They enjoy each other's company, but are looked down upon by the other farm animals because of their limitations. One day a storm traps the farm animals in a barn. All except for Crow and his friends, as they had been excluded and were playing in a different field... 

Enjoy the adventure of Crow and his farm friends as they turn this unfortunate situation into an opportunity to overcome their fears and save the day, despite their limitations. Upon completion, the reader should better understand the relationship between fear and courage while respecting the power of teamwork, non-quitting spirit, and being proud to be themselves.


  • Designed for Children Age 3-9 years old

  • Available in E-Book and Print versions (E-Book sent December 2022)

  • 36 Colorfully Illustrated Story Pages

  • 10 Character Sticker Pages with over 100 stickers (only available in print versions)

  • A fun story in a relatable setting that will have your child excited to see what is on the next page

  • An excellent message that highlights that having fear is part of life, and that what we do with that fear when facing challenges is what matters most


The Reader Brings the Story to Life:


What's better than reading a good story?... Being part of its creation! A child will want to read this story over and over for the simple reason that they helped make it.

The backgrounds of this book have been created. Now its up to you to bring the story to life by either imagining, drawing, or placing stickers of characters.

  • Imagine: The background art is fully illustrated to provide a canvas for your mind

  • Draw: You can use the stickers as reference in the back of the book or create your own interpretation on the design of Crow, Chicken, Duck, Rooster, & Ostrich. 


- If you want to draw, but just don't know how, check out our YouTube Channel where my daughter Mia and Son Landon will show you how to draw each of the characters! Links provided below in the "Art Lessons" Section.

- Don't have the right drawing tools? No Problem! Check out the Add-On section for a set of Courage Markers designed to help you make your project a success.


  • Sticker: To make your creation process simple, we have provided over 100 passionately created stickers. The have been organized by page to help you find the art that is suggested for each page. 

- To help personalize the experience, the child character stickers come in both male and female genders, in 3 different skin tones.


Crow the Courageous is more than just a story!     

The underlying message that supports this campaign is the understanding that; 

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

             ― Franklin D. Roosevelt


To support the messages of the story, so young readers can carry the experience with them in their daily lives, we have created the Crow the Courageous: Badge of Courage Game and the Kit of Courage positive affirmation bundle.  Each component of this project has been carefully conceptualized and designed to do one thing; create an atmosphere of positivity that would allow the potential for families to create good memories together.


We are excited to share the Crow the Courageous experience and hope, in some small way, that this project can help create moments of joy with the ones that you love. Thank you for your interest in this project. We strive to create good memories one story at a time.  


Check out these other products to see how you can further enhance your experience!

Crow the Courageous

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