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We are very excited about this item as it embraces two important elements of Crow the Courageous:


1) The "Badge of Courage": A symbol of reward that provides a person a positive reinforcement for trying their best and working to achieve their goal.

2) This METAL Coin of Courage features the Badge of Courage symbol surrounded by the messages "I am Courageous" and "The Power is in You".


- The intent of this item is to allow someone an opportunity to keep this coin in their pocket as a reminder that if they believe in themselves that they can achieve great things... "If you're afraid to join, remember the coin!"


Concept inspired by the love of my mother. She would give me a penny to keep in my pocket when I was in elementary school. She told me if I ever felt scared or alone to hold onto the coin and remember that her love is always with me. This seed of confidence is one of the gifts she gave me to develop into the man I am today.

Coin of Courage - Deluxe

  • 1.5 Inches

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