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Samartino Stories is a small-business, family owned company located in New Jersey. The formation of this family-friendly organization is based on building collaborative projects together and sharing the finished product with the world... and hopefully creating great memories and fun along the way!

How do we do we do this? It will vary from project to project, but our current focus is the development of children's books.

We invite you to explore our website to see the projects that we have completed and news on upcoming events.

We hope you will join us on this fun adventure!​


Our Products and Services

Thanks for visiting Samartino Stories. We offer a number of products and services. Please hover over the images below to learn more about our offering. Select  your interest and you will be taken to the detail page that provides more information.

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Crow the Courageous

Children's book series aimed to build a future community of courage. 

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Short Stories

A collection of short stories created by our company.

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Explore the goods we offer. Digital and physical products available.

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Curated videos that represent the spirit of our company. Including our very own music video!

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Check out our apparel shop where we offer a wide selection of empowering and witty products.

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Custom Goods

We create custom goods from swag to sportswear. Click here to contact us to discuss your needs.


About Me:

Hi I am Jim Samartino, father of two, and a creative spirit that enjoys entrepreneurial endeavors. Samartino Stories is my newest and 3rd privately owned company. I previously was the president of Ninjace LLC, an apparel, video production, and graphic design company. Ninjace merged with Everything Epic where I enjoyed five years creating board games and developing "EPIC" stories. After taking some time off to enjoy time with my children, I have now created this organization to foster the creative spirit of others in the development of collaborative stories and board game designs. Regardless of the pursuit, I hope I can set a good example for my kids, teach them how to run a small business, and make great memories for all those that chose to join me on this adventure.

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"One of the greatest gifts is the creation of a good memory. So live the way you want to be remembered"

Jim Samartino

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